Occupational Health

What is?

Worker’s health is the medical specialty whose action falls on the man-work binomial in its various dimensions.

How it works?

Through the implementation of health programs in the workplace.

Legal Framework

Activities carried out in accordance with the provisions of article 73-B of Law No. 3/2014, of 28 January.

The Occupational Health service aims to promote the surveillance of workers’ health, in order to prevent the onset of occupational or work-related illnesses. Its role is to design and implement health promotion programs in the workplace.

Physicians who work at TRASESA are specialized in Occupational Health by schools recognized for the purpose, having extensive experience in this area.

Our Services

Admission Exams

Verification of the physical and mental fitness of workers in the recruitment process.

Periodic Exams and Occasional Exams

Surveillance and monitoring of the impact of workers on worker health.

Issuance of Aptitude Sheets

Complementary diagnostic exams

Ophthalmological screening (with visiotest), Ophthalmological screening (with scale), Spirometry, Electrocardiogram with report, Audiograms.

Clinical analysis

B.C. HBs, Uric Acid, Ag. HBs, Bilirubins, HDL Cholesterol, Total Cholesterol, Creatinine, Determination of blood group and RH, Alkaline photastase, GT Gamma, Glycemia, Glucose assay (diabetes), Blood count, Blood count with platelets, IgG, PSA total.


Vaccination, Treatments and other nursing services.

Curative medicine

In person and online

COVID-19 Testing

Description of Occupational Medicine Services

COVID-19 Testing

Results in 15 minutes
  • Rapid test for qualitative antigen detection with nasal swab.
    Registered with Infarmed.



  • Speed and accuracy of results;
  • Easy to use and interpret;
  • High sensitivity and specificity.