Together, for a better world!

TRASESA invests in projects and practices that benefit society and the environment. We have adopted a set of Social Responsibility measures that reflect our commitment to people and the environment in which we operate.

TRASESA’s Social Responsibility practices are directly linked to our values and organizational culture. We seek to improve the company’s results and make it more sustainable.

Code of Conduct

We have an internal code of conduct that establishes a set of principles, rules and values in matters of ethics and professional behavior that must be observed when carrying out the activities carried out by TRASESA workers in their professional relationships with each other and with third parties.


As external service providers of Occupational Health and Safety, certified by DGS and ACT, we comply with all current legislation with the greatest rigor and transparency possible, internally and externally.

Employee Wellness

Employees are our main asset. As such, it is essential that your Health and Well-being come first. We apply a set of standards to create an inclusive work environment. We support our employees in situations of greatest need, in situations of crisis and teleworking. We adopt measures to digitize tasks to facilitate the daily lives of employees, making them less repetitive and bureaucratic.


We create campaigns that encourage habits aligned with sustainability in all our offices. We encourage the use of digital media over paper. As this is not always possible, we appeal to its conscientious use and its reuse and recycling, having suitable containers for this. We have eliminated the use of plastic in our offices and replaced them with glass.