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Occupational Health and Safety Specialists

Trasesa’s function is to develop consultancy and support work in the field of “Workers’ Safety and Health” in various sectors of economic activity, operating within the definition given by the aforementioned diplomas as “External Company”.

Occupational Medicine

The Occupational Health service aims to promote the surveillance of workers’ health, in order to prevent the onset of occupational or work-related illnesses. Its role is to design and implement health promotion programs in the workplace.

Safety at work

The Occupational Safety service is developed by the Technical Department of TRASESA and aims to prevent risks in the workplace, through the identification and control of physical, chemical and biological agents that affect the work environment, as well as by studying accidents at work in companies.

Hygiene and Food Safety

Food Hygiene and Safety involves a set of food handling standards – including production, transport, storage and distribution – whose objective is to guarantee its organoleptic characteristics (physicochemical, microbiological and sensory characteristics) in order to allow for the consumption of food without health risks.

Mental Health and Wellness

More and more companies are concerned with the health and well-being of their employees. They do it to increase productivity and improve the working environment. They are also driven by the need to contribute to a healthier and better society.