Construction Safety

What is it?

Monitoring of the work to comply with the regulations in force regarding Occupational Safety.

How does it work?

Partial or 100% affectation of a Trasesa Occupational Safety Technician.

Work Monitoring is a Trasesa service that aims to ensure that Workers comply with all legal requirements imposed on this type of activity, for their own protection and those around them, being crucial for the prevention of work accidents. In addition to coordinating and monitoring the work carried out during the work, it ensures that all safety, hygiene and health conditions are developed, contributing to the prevention of professional risks in this sector of activity.

The Technicians who work at TRASESA are specialized in Work Monitoring, having extensive experience in this area and being prepared for the challenges of your company!

Construction Safety

TRASESA has a specialized team to help your company in monitoring works. In addition to the preparation of technical documentation, namely PSS, DEPSS, PTRE, PIP-RIP, FPS (among others), Trasesa provides all safety monitoring on site for compliance with current regulations and inspection of equipment and verification of products chemicals. In addition to this, all document control of Companies, Workers and Equipment will also be guaranteed.

Worker training and awareness actions will also be carried out.

Partial or 100% affectation.