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Psychosocial risks are of significant importance in the workplace, as they directly affect the emotional and mental well-being of workers, as well as the overall performance of organisations. These risks include factors such as stress, excessive workload, lack of autonomy, bullying and lack of social support.

When not managed properly, these factors can lead to mental health problems, decreased productivity, increased absenteeism and even interpersonal conflicts. Recognising and addressing psychosocial risks not only promotes a healthy and positive working environment, but also contributes to employee satisfaction and the overall success of the organisation.

Psychosocial Risk Assessment

Law no. 102/2009, of 10 September, article 15, explains the employer’s obligation to assess psychosocial factors:

“d) Ensure, in the workplace, that exposures to chemical, physical and biological agents and psychosocial risk factors do not constitute a risk to the safety and health of the worker.”
“e) Adapting work to the individual, in terms of job design and working methods, with a view to mitigating monotonous and repetitive work and reducing psychosocial risks.”

Psychosocial risk assessment consists of the following services:

  • Meeting to present the services with the psychology team and the client;
  • Application of a questionnaire in English and/or Portuguese (COPSOQ Questionnaire);
  • Dynamisation of the questionnaire for a period not exceeding one month;
  • Results collated and analysed;
  • Presentation of a report in Portuguese and English;
  • Action plan drawn up by the Psychology department in line with the results.

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