Hygiene and Food Safety

What is?

Worker’s health is the medical specialty whose action falls on the man-work binomial in its various dimensions.

How it works?

Through the implementation of health promotion programs in the workplace.

Legal Framework

Activities carried out in accordance with the provisions of article 73-B of Law No. 3/2014, of 28 January.

Food Hygiene and Safety involves a set of food handling standards – including production, transport, storage and distribution – whose objective is to ensure its organoleptic characteristics (physicochemical, microbiological and sensory characteristics) in order to allow the consumption of food without health risks.

The technicians who work at TRASESA are specialized in Hygiene and Food Safety, having extensive experience in this area and being prepared for the challenges of your company!

Diagnostic Audits

The Diagnostic Audit consists of a visit to the Client’s premises that generates data that enable the verification of the initial situation regarding compliance with the required requirements and provides information on the starting point and the necessary adjustments for the correct implementation of HACCP.



with current legislation.


of public health – reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses.

Self-Control Actions

more efficient, and as such, less likely to occur failures and accidents.


in the hygienic quality of food products, reducing risks for consumers and ensuring their safety.


technical and human resources.

Greater confidence and improvement

product/service quality, before official authorities, economic agents and consumers in general.